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Bakerbuilt Tracks - Rion Baker Track Designer Builder - Motocross, Supercross, Arenacross, FMX and BMX, Pump Track, Dirt Bike, RC Cars and ATV Track Designer BuilderBakerbuilt Tracks - About Us - Bakerbuilt Tracks Owner Rion Baker - We reside in Tallahassee, FloridaBakerbuilt Tracks - Our Tracks - Rion Baker, Track Designer and Track Builder of Bakerbuilt Tracks in Tallahassee, FloridaBakerbuilt Tracks - Our AvailabilityBakerbuilt Tracks - Our Customers Include - Clear Chanel Entertainment, NBC Sports, Live Nation Entertainment, City of Tallahassee Parks and RecreationBakerbuilt Tracks - Contact Us - Looking for the right track builder? Contact Bakerbuilt Tracks -  today to get started on your next track building projectBakerbuilt Tracks - Frequently Asked Questions - When it comes to track building, Bakerbuilt Tracks knows that everyone is always curious and Have Questions

Bakerbuilt Tracks - About Us - We build Motocross, Supercross, Arenacross, FMX, BMX, Mountain Biking, Backyard Recreational Tracks

Bakerbuilt Tracks in ActionBakerbuilt Tracks was started in 2004 by Rion Baker. We reside in Tallahassee, Florida, home to many of today's motocross and supercross stars -- including the GOAT, Ricky Carmichael, Ben Townley, Ryan Dungy, Ivan Tedesco, and WMA Champion, Jessica Patterson.

Rion has had two infatuations his entire life: heavy equipment and Motocross. At age 8, Rion started driving his fatherís farm tractor around the family property. With only a bicycle at the time, tooling around on the bike wasnít enough! Rion had to jump! He started piling up dirt in the backyard with the tractor, creating BMX jumps for himself and his friends. At age 13, Rion got his first dirt bike. From that point on, creating obstacles and tracks in the backyard was his passion. Riding every chance he could, his riding skills progressed quickly. Rion is currently a respectable A class rider.

In spring of 2004, Rion began working after school at FasTrac Motocross Park in Cairo, Georgia. His job was to maintain the track and upkeep the facility. Up on the dozer, Rion had a real knack for shaping and sculpting dirt as well as an eye for design. In the following months, a few people in the local riding community asked Rion to build their private practice tracks. It was at that time that Bakerbuilt Tracks was initiated.

In the winter of 2004, Rionís talent was noticed and he was asked to join the Clear Chanel Entertainment Arenacross track crew for the 2005 season. He traveled all over the country working and learning about the construction of Arenacross tracks and all aspects of Arenacross events. In 2007, he was recruited to help construct the Freestyle Motocross tracks for the AST Dew Tour.

Since that time, Rion has continued to refine his MX/AX/SX track building skills and has expanded his expertise to include other types of tracks as well. Bakerbuilt Tracks now caters to all kinds of dirt-involved activities including bicycles, ATV's, R.C. cars, and even GO-Karts. Our tracks include BMX Tracks, Pump Tracks, Downhill, Dirt Jumps and any type of obstacle course for any type of vehicle. With his talent and impressive work ethic, Rion and Bakerbuilt Tracks are here to ensure you of the best, most enjoyable track you could imagine.