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Bakerbuilt Tracks - Rion Baker Track Designer Builder - Motocross, Supercross, Arenacross, FMX and BMX, Pump Track, Dirt Bike, RC Cars and ATV Track Designer BuilderBakerbuilt Tracks - About Us - Bakerbuilt Tracks Owner Rion Baker - We reside in Tallahassee, FloridaBakerbuilt Tracks - Our Tracks - Rion Baker, Track Designer and Track Builder of Bakerbuilt Tracks in Tallahassee, FloridaBakerbuilt Tracks - Our AvailabilityBakerbuilt Tracks - Our Customers Include - Clear Chanel Entertainment, NBC Sports, Live Nation Entertainment, City of Tallahassee Parks and RecreationBakerbuilt Tracks - Contact Us - Looking for the right track builder? Contact Bakerbuilt Tracks -  today to get started on your next track building projectBakerbuilt Tracks - Frequently Asked Questions - When it comes to track building, Bakerbuilt Tracks knows that everyone is always curious and Have Questions

Bakerbuilt Tracks - Our Customers - We build Motocross, Supercross, Arenacross, FMX, BMX, Mountain Biking, Backyard Recreational Tracks

  • City of Tallahassee "Parks and Recreation"
  • WMA Champion Jessica Patterson
  • Davi Millsaps
  • Ben Townley
  • Cody Cooper
  • Chases Fastrac MX
  • Jared and Tyler Larson
  • Colleen Millsaps and Bryan Johnson
  • Earl May
  • Grayson Graham
  • Josh Guffy
  • Gannon Audett
  • Donnie and Darel Maxwell

  • Customer Testimonials

    Here is what a few of our customers say about us:

    "...Rion Baker has done an outstanding job rehabilitating and maintaining our BMX track. Having the track in excellent condition has re-invigorated our local riders and their parents. Participation is up and there are efforts underway to bring in National races. None of this would be possible without Rion's expertise. Most importantly though, our citizen's once again have a safe, ride able track that riders of all ages and ability levels can enjoy. Rion's skill at working dirt is amazing, and we are also utilizing him to build a pump track, a skills area and bike jumps. We have even referred him to an outside group that uses our facilities for Supermoto races because we are that confident in his abilities to design and maintain tracks. He understands both the needs of the rider and the safety and risk management issues we have to consider. I would recommend him without hesitation!" - Ashley C. Edwards, Assistant Director City of Tallahassee Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Affairs Department

    "...I have personally known Rion for many years. He managed a local MX track in Cairo for several years, along with handling all the maintenance and original construction of the track itself.  Rion was able to maintain the balance of a safer track, for the more novice/local level riders that "Fastrac" was home to, and the more advanced riders that came less frequently. He is a very competent, responsible young man. I would recommend Rion to anyone." - Colleen Millsaps / Owner and Director of Coaching at MTF (She has been the force behind the career of Davi Millsaps)

    "...Bakerbuilt Tracks has done an awesome job designing, building and updating tracks for me. They created many different obstacles to simulate tracks that I planned on racing, to help me prepare for those conditions. I recommend them to anyone needing a track." - Earl May

    "...Bakerbuilt Tracks and Rion's work is top notch, he is able to listen to the riders needs and translate that with his skills in machinery to make a track work just like you had imagined!" - Ben Townley / 2007 - AMA SX Lites East Coast Champion - AMA MX Lites Vice Champion

    "...I have been working with some of the pro riders to help them progress in the sport. Rion has been maintaining the supercross tracks and has done an outstanding job. He is a pleasure to work with and the quality of his work is outstanding. Recently he constructed a Daytona SX practice track for the riders to prepare for the Monster Energy Supercross held at Daytona International Speedway. The design and finished product of the track was outstanding and met all the requirements needed to prepare the riders for the event. I would recommend Rion and Bakerbuilt Tracks for any of your dirt projects." - Ezra Lusk / 1994 - AMA 125cc East Region Supercross Champion

    "...Totaly sick track every time. I have never disliked a track by Rion they are fun and flowing as well as challenging." - Tyler Larson

    "...I've rode many of Rion's tracks and have enjoyed all of them. thanks Rion!!!" - Grayson Graham

    "...Raced the event held at Fastrac last weekend. The track was great. The changes were very challenging yet very safe for all levels of riders. You always seem to come up with a design that appeals to all levels. Thanks for your conscious effort to include all in your design and preparation." - DCB

    "...Rion, Ashley Edwards from TPRD told me that you had contacted her about fixing the BMX track in Tallahassee, WOW! that would be wonderful, we have a few families here that still race BMX and we really need a local track. If there is anything that we can do on our part to help you out please let us know. Thank you so much for taking an interest in the Track, we really need you..." - Dede Bryson

    "...This guy can work a dozer...once he gets started, he's relentless! He's always thinking way ahead. He combines the hard work of moving dirt with the art of track design -- and does it quickly and efficiently. You won't be disappointed!." - Michele Baker